Rap fans, I present to you… Alpoko Don

I grew up loving poetry and that, over the years, has turned into a deep respect for the talent it takes to be a good rapper. If you’re picturing the ‘rappers’ in music videos on TV, I don’t mean them. If you think I mean ‘mainstream’ rap.. I don’t.

To me, what it takes to be a good rapper is when you can hold peoples attention, get their heads nodding, with good metaphors, similes, a powerful unique voice, and natural swag all while spitting verses ACAPELLA. I want to see what a rapper can do with no accompanying music.

I just happen to run across this guy, Alpoko Don (aka DonDada) and I was fucking blown away. This is just some guy who has hardly anything online. a rarely used twitter account, a bare facebook page.. just a handful of videos on youtube. But this guy’s going places. He’s got an album coming out soon with Scarface through KidFire Entertainment. He’s at the very beginning of what we can only hope will be a career thats about to blow the fuck up!

Go to http://www.alpokodon.com and his twitter is @alpokodon if you want to say hey.

Here are my favorites, I suggest you subscribe to his alpokodon channel to see whats next for this  guy! Go watch the rest of his shit!