Prozac for anxiety or panic (a review)

I’ve been on a low dose of prozac and still having anxiety and panic. but I upped my dose just a little bit and now the anxiety and panic has gone from an  8/10 on the misery scale to a 2/10. If you have anxiety and panic, maybe you could give it a shot.  this med started working in a week for me, and it’s working even better after about 2 weeks. The only side effects I feel are slightly blunted emotional reaction. But i always have a tenancy to over react, so perhaps what seems blunted to me, is just the more ‘normal’ way to be.. At any rate, I’m happier and dealing with stress better.

If you’re bipolar like me, it’s important to know that too much prozac can make you manic. it almost certainly will. so keep that in mind :) Turns out 10mg isn’t enough, 30mg makes me so manic i become unstable, but 20mg is just right for me.


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